Monday, January 28, 2013

Poppies: Betty Russell Workshop

Creating acrylic poppies in exciting workshop

I really enjoy taking workshops so as to improve my skills in executing a subject, plus learn about different media and techniques.

Betty Russell is an artist living in Bristol, Quebec, who sometimes offers one-day workshops. Betty is a superb instructor, who presents the techniques required to slowly take an image from draft drawing to final, completed acrylic study.

Here, under Betty’s instruction, I painted an image of two red poppies on a black canvas.

First step is to transfer the image of Betty’s prepared picture of poppies onto a canvas that Betty had painted black. (I could have chosen dark green; however, I like the drama which a black backdrop creates.)
Step 1: Transfer image
onto canvas
Step 2. Painting petals

After some instruction regarding her painting techniques, I follow Betty’s prescribed set of instructions regarding which petals to paint, in sequence.

This is an interesting project on many levels, with the point being to layer the petals, as they would be in real life.

As the class progresses, Betty demonstrates how to paint the stems.
Step 4. Betty demonstrates
how to paint stem

After at least one coat of paint on petals and stems, the next thing to do is to paint the seedpod/stamens.
Step 5. Starting the

Finally, the flowers are completed.

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