Saturday, April 13, 2013

Evolution of mixed media painting

My “Beyond the Bag” exhibit creation

Gallery owner Raymond Sander Regier has a cool idea. His gallery, Art Brûlant & IMPRESSIONS in Shawville, Quebec, is also a coffee roasterie. So Raymond has lots of burlap coffee bags to recycle.

Step 1: Design image.

What to do?

Ingeniously, Raymond decided to launch an annual show, “Beyond the Bag” where artists can take an empty burlap bag and use it as inspiration to create a work of art.

In 2013, I created “Jump for Joy” one of my Spirit Horse series, where a pregnant mare celebrates the new life growing within her.
Step 2: Create image on
burlap bag.
3. Continue adding mixed
media to the design.

The iconic symbol of life, the nautilus, is stamped on the acrylic paint...

Here are some of the steps leading to my final piece of artwork. I invite you to enjoy the evolution of “Jump for Joy”!

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