Friday, July 24, 2009

Bird in the hand... fledgling Eastern Phoebe

So how much is it worth in the bush?
(Fledgling Eastern Phoebe) Photo by Eric Fletcher
Yesterday I found a little flycatcher in the garage here at Spiritwood. It was fluttering from one window to another, desperately trying to get outside. Notwithstanding the garage door being open, birds often are disoriented and don't seem to detect it, even though that's how they gained access to the interior.

As usual when this happens, I slowly approach and ever so gently capture the bird in my hands, then release it. This image shows the relaxed bird ready to take flight -- however, it actually didn't want to leave the warmth of my hand, and I lifted it onto my bird feeder. Then it flew off, seemingly totally unharmed after its experience.

What bird is it? After consulting page 323 & following, of the Sibley Guide to Birds (David Allen Sibley's most excellent book) I thought I had a juvenile (June-October) Eastern Wood-Pewee in my hand.

But my friend, noted bird expert Tony Beck put me right... It's an Eastern Phoebe, a fledgling. See my next blog entry for Tony's details.

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