Thursday, August 7, 2014

Waterton Lakes National Park: Avion Ridge

Take a ride on the wild side

We're off! Following Josh Watson on Drover.
Day 1: at Snowshoe Cabin, heading for Avion Pass.
“Do heights bother you?” asked Alpine Stables’ horse expedition guide Josh Watson? “If not, let’s ride the horses up to Avion Ridge.”

No, heights don’t bother me or my husband Eric Fletcher, so off we went, climbing more than 720 metres to reach this windswept, talus ridge—on horseback! We were in Waterton Lakes National Park, located four hours south of Calgary, in Alberta.

My quarterhorse, Major, picked his way carefully, as though each and every placement of his hooves was a tremendous responsibility. He sure inspired confidence... Eric’s quarterhorse, Jackie, was completely opposite in nature, being a real “powerhorse” who powered her way through thick and thin. Both were superb, trustworthy athletes.

Checking the view, with Catherine Reynolds,
Josh Watson, and Eric, and horses on Avion Ridge!
Just as well... the 2,413 metre Avion Ridge inspired us with grand views of ridge after ridge of Rocky Mountains extending to the horizon.

Little did we know another challenge awaited the next day.

“I've not been up Goat Lake trail for four years,” Watson said. “But I think you two could make it. Want to try?”

Of course we did! So, the following day up we went, with Catherine Reynolds of Parks Canada accompanying us.

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